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About Me

Hello! My name is Kyle Martin, and I am currently a Computer Engineering student at NYU, class of ‘20.

My interest in computers ignited back 2010 I when discovered an App called BASIC. Immediately I fell in love; right there on my iPod I was able to make my own tiny creations. I followed this path recurring summers, attending ID Tech, the Digital Media Academy, and National Computer Camps learning everything I could: C++, Python, OpenGL, Java, HTML/JavaScript/CSS, and Multi-Arch Assembly. You can find more about my education and relevant coursework here.

Since then, I have gone on to teach at National Computer Camps where I led the instruction of all subjects, at my high school for math and science, and at NYU as both a TRIO (a Federal Program) tutor for computer science and engineering classes, as well as a Teaching Assistant for NYU’s Intro To Computer Science class (the latter two being me current employment). I am now part of the OSIRIS Club, for which I maintain the website, conduct security research at, compete in CTF’s with, and help organize CSAW.

All of the code I write is stored on GitHub. My more personal work, such as my school work and my late night scribblings, can be found on My GitHub Page, whereas I publish my more formal works under then pen-name of SaplingStudios.


My three most recent projects, EMA, bananaScript, and my Scrapbook can be found at the links below.

EMA bananaScript Scrapbook

EMA and bananaScript can both be found where I publish my more formal projects, in my SaplingStudios repository. My Scrapbook contains a breadth of code snippets, be them strange things I found about a programming language or web-crawlers I wrote to test some hypothesis, it’s all part of my personal exploration through the technological world.